Everything I Wish I Could Say

Everything on this blog is made by me & reflects me.
I know you really want to cut and if you need to then that's that, but just remember you're perfect and wonderful and I'm in love with you.

Love is a funny thing isn’t it? And oh how it makes me smile to even think someone could love me, but I doubt that. & Oh how I wish this was who I thought it was. & if not. It doesn’t matter.  I need someone. So bad. These thoughts are back and they’re just killing me. Why not come off anon, please. 

It’s one of those.

I feel so alone so I should just kill myself nights.


When my mom tells me I can use 500$ for shopping.


Why do you keep on running?

You’re blazing past the people, not even realizing what effect they might have upon you. You’re running from the monster that is yourself. Not looking for help because, you have this crazy idea that you can actually help yourself. That you can out run this monster without anyone but you.  You’re constantly tripping on sticks and stones, leaving scars on your thighs and wrists. Yet you keep going. All alone. And soon you’re so far out into the woods there’s not even a chance of getting out. You’ve been caught by yourself and yet you still decide not to scream for help. You give up on finding help, even if you didn’t attempt to find it in the first place. You’re stuck. In the middle of this forest. An endless chase. You’re getting tired. You’re getting too many scars.  You just can’t do this. It’s time to stop running. It’s time to let the monster win. 

My rant.

People who pretend to have self hate or who pretend to have disorders or pretend to be depressed  Why. You’re honestly mocking people who actually do have problems. Those people who broadcast their scars and their eating disorders. Those people who want everyone to know how bad they are struggling just for the attention. Just for the compliments. Just so people will worry. Thens theres people sitting in silence, trying so hard to help themselves because they don’t want to bother others with their silly problems. Honestly. Just stop.

Depression isn’t a joke

Eating disorders aren’t a joke

Any mental health problem is serious

So act like it.